Oct 7, 2013


ni hao, wo shi chinese-looking ahmad salim

i'm bored. so i shaved my head.

the end.

Oct 2, 2013



i shaved up my beard. clean. togel.

i think i want to shave my head bald.

like one-punch-man type of bald.


i would hate myself for doing it though.

most probably will looked like an alien.

a fat one.


i think i have to buy new spectacles also.

this double vision is kinda irritating.


Sep 23, 2013


missing the smell of books, and now i'm in a reading streak.

just bought the infamous F. Scott Fitzgerald collection today and i am looking forward reading them. this morning i've finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. a bit naughty book, i'd say, but the storyline is nice and smooth. somehow i can feel the moods of each character in the book. this book helps me to imagine. every book i read did that too. duhh.

say, turns out that there is a movie based on this novel. a japanese film, of course made in 2010. so apa lagi. sedut laa. haha