Sep 9, 2013

Rant #1

it's rather amazing that all old tv dramas that i've watched, they narrated excellent quotes, giving some meaningful examples on life. it is definitely better than watching some worthless craps that have been going on the tv these days.

i am a streotype, at least for these kind of things.

i found that foreign tv dramas, provide good advices to life related problems at the end of their show. they give something for me, something that somehow worth for me to ponder, i guess, although my time is definitely wasted on them. heh. man, i even took the trouble jotting down their quotes.

scrubs. totally awesome.

but i cannot see that in the drama that my own people made, aside from p.ramlee movies, of course. now, all i can see are some sappy lovey dovey head-over-toe crap that these undeniably excellent scriptwriters have been feeding to the audience for their own profit. yep. poor them. poor k-dramas fans too. classic two guys over one girl, two girls fighting for one guy, personal vendetta bla bla bla. now malay dramas are soo getting there. haha!

i know. love. that is what people are searching for, longing for, and that is what they wanted to see. the scriptwriters see that and took advantages from that. giving what you guys want, feeding your sad lonely hearts, but nothing for your brains to ponder. (ah very easy la people of malaysia ni)

nah, i should not write too much. i used to be like them too. the audience, i mean. so i'm leaving you guys a quote i got from one of the best dramas i've ever watched, and somehow this quote really applicable to my situation now. damn right it is. cherio.

I guess it's human nature to worry about the future,
especially when we think our dream might not come true - Scrubs

p.s : sad la you ni salem.

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MSaddiq said...

WOW ! Your english is very very good ! I am really impressed ! seriously ! ajar sket ha

salemaziz said...

tengkiu @MSaddiq yang hipster. nak ajar kene bayar. hoho