Sep 17, 2013

High Road

first of all, my rambut on someone's blog is soo meletop kauu.


once upon a time, there live a boy, who always caught up in his dilemma. he recently met some difficulties in his life, and due to this, he arrived at a point in life that diverges into two very distinctive-looking roads.

so he spent sleepless nights giving thoughts about these roads, predicting their respective outcomes, weighing the consequences of choosing one of them over another. it's confusing, true that. he should probably be bald any time soon. heh.

alas he decided to keep this in mind.

safe choice is not always good choice.
and dangerous choice is not always a bad choice.

this is a test, kan? from You? i know it is.


we often picture ourselves in the future in a good way. if not, at least i always think of it that way. hmmm who doesn't want to be excellent, successful in their future, not to mention having good financial stability so on and so forth?

damn, this is where the reality kicks in dude. i am not in a place to give advice to you guys kan, because we will ended up thinking of that any time soon. as for me, i am saying this to remind myself that reality is not always a saint.

and nuff said, i am taking the high road.

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