Sep 19, 2013

ill malaysia

something bizarre happened today.

i was asked by my ayah to substitute him for a rukun tetangga meeting just now. by just now, i meant that the meeting was over some 10 minutes ago. (time: 12.01 a.m)

recently there were multiple break-ins on desa ros' turf. that is very unfortunate, and the shocking part is, one of the victim was haji mat shah next door. the crime was estimated to be done in the morning early this week, when everyone is out spending their time in kampung.

so this is how some of us spend their time celebrating Hari Malaysia. by breaking and entering. talk about timing. syukurlah Malaysia masih aman. huh, my bottom lah.

our world is sick. whenever you decided to read the newspaper, your eyes will most probably 100% chance to be reading on news on murder, fatal accidents, more murder and lastly, politics. the ugly and dirty one.

due to this incident, emak reminded me about one of  the most glorious Islamic kingdoms ruled by one of the great caliphs in world, Umar Abdul Aziz. by the blessing from Allah, his ruling has proven to be the best. ever. back then every person in the country was wealthy, at the point were no one's eligible to receive zakat. :O

i've known this story for sometimes now, and this story never ceased to amaze me. so when everyone's wealthy, they were happy, and there's no need for breaking and entering. simple logic. Malaysia? kirim salam. heh.

rephrasing, our world is terminally ill.

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